Blackwatch Law
Supporting Innovators. Challenging the Status Quo.
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Bermuda Legal Services to Small Business and Individuals

supporting innovators.

challenging the status quo.

Blackwatch Law is big on giving people what they want: advice that they can understand and value for money. We work with our clients to ensure that they are provided with the best possible service and that they achieve a fair resolution. Blackwatch uses secure technology and online platforms to deliver legal services quickly and efficiently.  

What we do

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When your needs for legal counsel don’t quite qualify for full time General Counsel but you could still use regular input and practical, responsive legal or regulatory advice, that’s where we come in. A lawyer on demand for the period you determine at a rate you can plan for.

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Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

Let us do the lawyering so that you can focus on what you do best with confidence and peace of mind that your contracts are clear, your ideas are safe and your legal bases covered for your next big move!

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We understand what it is like to need someone in your corner when it matters. Even if we are not the right firm for the job, we will direct you to someone who can help. Consultations come with no obligation. 

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The key to successfully navigating litigation is to focus on the issues. We look for the solution and then make sure you have the tools to get there. We don't run up massive bills for the sake of doing it and we don't make threats we don't intend to keep. 


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